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Hasselblad 500C, Zeiss Planar 80/2.8

CHF 2,200


Great condition, almost mint Hasselblad 500C Medium format camera (SN: TT67887) with Carl Zeiss Planar f=80mm, 1:2.8 lens (SN: 4200029), three film magazines (2xA12 and A16), and a lot of other accessories, including original tan leather Hasselblad briefcase “DeLuxe”.

    Included accessories:

  • Hasselblad Square Lens Hood,
  • Hasselblad Quick-Focus Handle/Lever Ring;
  • Hasselblad Front lens cap,
  • Hasselblad Spirit level C;
  • Hasselblad Winding Knob;
  • Hasselblad Filter 50, 3.5 X CB 12 -1.5;
  • Hasselblad Filter 50, 2 X YG -1;
  • Hasselblad Black Leather 500C Case;
  • Hasselblad Tan Leather Briefcase “DeLuxe” (with key);

The Hasselblad 500 series began with the revolutionary 500C, one of the most iconic cameras in photographic history. Modified throughout the years, the 500 series cameras represent the pinnacle of Victor Hasselblad’s V System. With multiple prototypes in the works in 1953, the final Hasselblad 500C was launched in 1957. Replacing the previous design of a focal plane shutter from the 1000F, the 500C utilized a leaf shutter design with its range of high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses. The 500C was a marvel that still remains a classic in today’s modern age. Its leaf shutter design allowed for flash synchronization at all shutter speeds with the use of electronic flash. It could also focus at full aperture thanks to an automatic aperture stop-down. The 500C gained its true claim to fame after astronaut Walter Schirra took it with him on the Mercury rocket in 1962, becoming the first camera to properly document space. Throughout the later half of the 20th century, so much history has been captured by Hasselblad 500C cameras. The list of iconic Hasselblad images is endless, spanning from The Beatles crossing Abbey Road to the iconic portraits of Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and multiple celebrities of the Hollywood golden age such as Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor. ©

Everything is in fully working order (not tested with film) and great, almost mint condition 9/10.


Brand Hasselblad
Model 503C
Serial  TT67887
Year 1966
Features Mint condition, lot of accessories
Box/Papers original leather case and briefcase


Working order (not tested with film). Great condition 9/10, lens is clean, minor camera surface scratches and scuffs through the age.


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