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Early LEICA II, №71325

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A very early, if not even earliest available, made in Feb 1932, Leica II (Type D) SN.71325 rangefinder black finish camera with early 11 o’clock infinity lock/catch 50mm f/3.5 Elmar SN.97339 lens. All functions works fine (all speeds working, viewfinder clean, RF accurate, but not tested with film), cosmetically camera and lens looks good for its age.

The most amazing thing about this particular camera is early serial number of the camera and lens. Reportedly, production of Leica II started at serial 71200 with sales in February 1932, so it’s possibly the 125th camera. Also when Leitz decided to start making camera lenses, they started at serial number 100000 in 1931, but this Elmar 50mm f/3.5 has very early SN 97339, which is also quite rare. Moreover camera and lens has the “O” on the barrel base and rear flange to indicate standardisation. Elmar lens has the “5” code on the reverse of the focusing knob to indicate 51mm true focal length. Camera was made for European market (Auf – Zu on the base).

Comes with its original Leica leather case and strap.


Brand Leica
Model II (D)
Serial  71325
Year Feb, 1932
Features Very early SN, leather case
Box/Papers no box, no papers


Working order. Good condition, surface scratches and scuffs through the age. Micro spot in the center of lens. No box, no papers. Original Leica leather case.


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