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OMEGA Megaquartz Chronometer, Ref. PE 5802

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Ultra rare highly accurate electronic Omega Megaquartz 4.19MHz Marine Chronometer #1010,  designed for French Navy (Marine Nationale) by Henri Schneider at Omega in 1980. Sold to Paris in March 1982, accompanied by an original guarantee and user manual.

Powered by calibre Omega 1525-9600 4,19 Mhz quartz precision movement, the black matte dial with inner baton hour indication, outer raised ring calibrated for 60 seconds indication, screwed bezel, screw button to fix the front plate to the case, plug supplying 1 Hz impulses, metal outer case, set within a hinged two-tier mahogany and brass deck box, case, dial and movement signed.

Quote from official booklet:

Chosen for its exceptional quality by professional navigators. After deciding in 1978 to replace its supply of mechanical chronometers with a timepiece designed for the eighties, the French navy’s Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOM) contacted various watchmaking firms. The SHOM , situated in Brest, has always been “at the forefront of ocean discovery and service to navigators”. It provides the nautical and aeronautical documents (ocean maps) as well as instruments of navigation, meteorology and oceanography necessary to the operations of the French naval forces.

After a rigorous selection of products, followed by a year of testing at sea under the most stringent conditions, the SHOM’s final choice was a quartz chronometer developed by Omega. A large number of Megaquartz were tested at the SHOM by the Department of Scientific Instruments and Material (verification of precision and temperature stability, mechanical environment tests, resistance to magnetic fields). The report’s conclusion: “no abnormal functioning was observed”.

The Omega Marine Chronometer Megaquartz Calibre 1525 was designed by Henri Schneider. At the time of production, this was the most precise portable autonomous timepiece, second only to an atomic clock. The accuracy is in the 0.01 seconds per day range. Pierre Aubert, the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs for Switzerland used this piece as an official gift for the recipients: King Carl Gustav of Sweden in 1985, President Mitterand of France and King Houssein of Jordan in 1987. It was also chosen by the city of Geneva to present to the Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev during the America-Russian summit in 1985.

C. Two-body, mahogany deck box with brass-bound corners. Movement and dial in a hinged brushed aluminum case: a brass plaque numbered “1010”, an electronic connection “1Hz – 1 V” and a locking knob. D. Black with painted white baton indexes, outer minute/seconds divisions on a raised chapter ring. White ‘baton’ hands. M. Cal. 1525, electronic, with switch to operate at double rate, power reserve switch with indicator, frequency regulator. Dial, case, and movement signed. Dim. 12.5 x 17 x 7.5 cm.

Imagine the Omega marine chronometer gracing a table or desk in your home or office interior. Its distinctive styling, in a classical nautical design, adds a note of functional beauty to any decor. And with the Megaquartz, you are certain of having authentic time precision at a glance, the same quartz accuracy indispensable to sea-going navigators.

Dimensions : 12.5 x 17 x 7.5 cm, shipping weight is 2 kg.


Brand Omega
Model Chronomètre de Marine
Reference PE 5802
Year March 1982
Movement Quartz
Calibre Omega 1525
Case material Wood & aluminium, steel
Case size 12.5 x 17 x 7.5 cm
Features chronometer
Box/Papers papers (original guarantee and user manual), no box


Fully working order. Good vintage condition, minor surface scratches and scuffs through the age. Partly discoloured sunburned mahogany case. Original papers, no box.


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