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REUGE “Lapis Lazuli” signing bird box

CHF 1,400


Rare and fine signing bird automaton box REUGE “Lapis Lazuli”, Ref. 1474, enameled over brass to simulate lapis (it is made of many layers of blue lacquer), the oval pop-up lid and trim in gold plated brass. Marked to the underside, “Reuge Music Sainte Croix Made in Switzerland.”

Concealed inside is a miniature bird, covered with colorful hummingbird feathers. When the lid is opened, the bird appears to sing a lovely tune, while moving his beak and flapping his wings. When the birdsong is complete, the tiny creature simply slips back into the box and the lid closes behind it.

Movement composed of 250 mechanical pieces, assembled by hand in Reuge workshops in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. Real bird feathers.

A truly decorative collectible!


Brand Reuge
Model Lapis Lazuli
Year Circa 1980s
Movement Hand-winding
Case material Brass, Lapis imitation
Size 11 x 7 x 5 cm
Features Lapis lazuli
Box/Papers not available


Good, fully working order, surface scratches, scuffs and discoloration through the age. Bird feather shows some wear. No box, no papers.


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